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AUGUSTA, Maine – Deer hunters still have time to apply for an Any Deer permit, but the deadline of 11:59 on August 15th is fast approaching.

Its fast and its free to apply online with your Maine hunting license at This year, there are 84,745 Any Deer permits proposed for the in 22 of the states wildlife management districts, an increase of nearly 30 percent over last year. These numbers await final approval by the advisory council on August 23 and the drawing for permits is on September 7, 2018.

With a moderate winter in central and southern Maine, and above average winter severity in norther Maine, Any Deer permit numbers are increasing in nine southern and central wildlife management districts, decreasing in 11 WMDs, and staying the same in nine WMDS. You can find the complete numbers at

The department uses the any-deer permit system to manage the white-tailed deer population in the state. The ability to adjust the states deer populations derives from the ability to increase, or decrease, the number of breeding does on the landscape. White-tailed deer are at the northern edge of their range in Maine, and winter severity is a limiting factor concerning population growth. By controlling the harvest of female deer in the 29 regional wildlife management districts throughout the state, biologists can manage population trends.

Last year, deer hunters in Maine harvested 27,233 deer, the highest total in the last ten years and an increase of 15% from 2016.

Maines deer hunt is broken down into several seasons for firearm hunters, muzzleloaders and bow hunters and stretches from September into December. Most deer are harvested during the general firearms season (23,288 in 2017). Bowhunters took 2,099 deer, and hunters took 970 deer during the muzzleloading season in 2017. Maines junior hunters were also very successful on youth day, with 876 youth hunters taking a deer this past year.

The deer harvest for the past ten years is as follows: 2007 — 28,885; 2008 — 21,062; 2009 –18,092; 2010 — 20,063; 2011 — 18,839; 2012 — 21,365; 2013 — 24,217; 2014 — 22,490; 2015 — 20,325; 2016 — 23,512; 2017 — 27,233.


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