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From: $840.00

Total Acres:   53

Open Field:   Yes

Wooded Area:  Yes

Hunter Minimum:   2

Hunter Maximum:   2

Hunting Seasons :  Bow Season, Youth Gun Season, Regular Gun Season, Muzzleloader Season

Details:   Each member to lease party must provide necessary contact information at time of booking. Each member must also sign and return attached Code of Ethics agreement within 7 days of booking at which time American Habitat Brokerage will return a Lease Permit assigned specific to lessees for the designated lease period booked. Note: Only individuals specifically designated on Lease Permit are considered party to lease, all others will be in violation of trespass and subject to applicable laws.


    • 200 $


Total Acres  53

Forrest and Open Field

Bow Season Dates

10/6/18 – 10/14/18

 2 Hunters   Only

11/3/18 – 11/11/18

 2 Hunters    Only

1/19/19 – 1/27/19

 2 Hunters     Only


Gun Season Dates

11/24/18 – 12/2/18  Regular Season

2 Hunters     Only  


12/31/18 – 1/8/19  Muzzleloader Season

2 Hunters     Only

Additional information

Hunting Season

Bow Season, Gun Season, Muzzleloader, Pick A Hunting Season

Date Ranges

2019-December 31st to January 8th (9 Days), Pick A Date Range, 2018–October 6th to October 14th (9 Days), 2017–October 21st to October 29th (9 Days), 2018–November 3rd to November 11th (9 Days), 2017–November 18th to November 19th (2 Days), 2018–November 24th to December 2nd (9 Days), 2017–December 16th to December 17th (2 Days), 2018–January 6th to January 10th (5 Days), 2019–January 19th to January 27th (9 Days)