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Total Acres:   108

Open Field:   Yes But Minimal

Wooded Area:  Yes

Hunter Minimum:

Hunter Maximum:

Hunting Seasons: Bow Season, Youth Gun Season, Regular Gun Season, Muzzleloader Season

Details:   Each member to lease party must provide necessary contact information at the time of booking. Each member must also sign and return attached Code of Ethics agreement within 7 days of booking at which time American Habitat Brokerage will return a Lease Permit assigned specifically to lessees for the designated lease period booked. Note: Only individuals specifically designated on Lease Permit are considered the party to lease, all others will be in violation of trespass and subject to applicable laws.


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Bow Season Dates

10/3/2020  to  10/9/2020

10/17/2020  to  10/23/2020

10/31/2020  to  11/06/2020

11/14/2020  to  11/20/2020



Gun Season Dates

 11/30/2020  to   12/6/2020    Regular Season


1/2/2021  to  1/5/2021  Muzzleloader Season


Additional information

Hunting Season

Bow Season, Gun Season, Muzzleloader, Pick A Hunting Season

Date Ranges

Bow Season (10/17/2020) to (10/23/2020), Bow Season (10/3/2020) to (10/9/2020), Bow Season (10/31/2020) to (11/6/2020), Bow Season (11/14/2020) to (11/20/2020), Gun Season (11/30/2020) to (12/6/2020), Muzzleloaer Season (1/2/2021) to (1/5/2021)